Biral Lightning and Thunderstorm Detectors


Biral Lightning and Thunderstorm Detectors


Biral offer leading edge technology in lightning and thunderstorm detection with their standalone thunderstorm detection sensor.

Key Features:
- Quasi-electrostatic operation technology for sensitive lightning detection
- 83km range 
- Cloud to cloud, cloud to ground and intracloud strike detection
- Integrated system interface and computer software
- Low maintenance
- Low false alarm rate
- Meets international lightning protection standards

Biral’s range of lightning sensors have the ability to detect overhead lightning with a reliable, early warning system, that provides ample time for risk assessment and preparation before an initial strike. Being able to readily analyse thunderstorm direction and proximity means that operational downtime can be reduced and safety of personnel and the surrounding area is maximised.  

Thunderstorm detectors prove vital for applications in the wind energy sector, aviation and for offshore industries, as thunderstorms are capable of producing damaging weather not only limited to lightning, but also including hazardous wind shear that endangers infrastructure and on-site personnel.

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