ESS Weathertech (ESS) is an advanced technology company specialising in solutions in environmental and allied fields such as meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, atmospheric, fire weather and other specialised engineering fields, supplying to government, defense, research, institutional, aviation industries and the private sector.  



With headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, ESS has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, installation and support of weather satellite groundstations, radar systems, tidal monitoring systems, weather balloons, forecaster display systems and more, with over 100 systems throughout Australia, Asia and the Antarctic. 

ESS has been a major supplier to national weather bureaus, port authorities, airports and military in the region.



Where we came from

ESS Weathertech is one of two companies that have been created from Environmental Systems & Services. ESS Weathertech deals with meteorological systems such as weather radars, satellite ground stations, weather presentation software, portable weather stations, and much more. Our sister company ESS Earth Sciences manufactures, sells, installs, and services products in the seismic, geotechnical, water quality and atmospheric monitoring industries.  For more information about ESS Earth Sciences products please head over to the ESS Earth Sciences website or for seismic products go straight to the Seismology Research Centre website.